Reynold's Law Firm Website Design

Interactive Desktop Web Design

Reynolds Law Firm Desktop Experience

Sliding Gallery

Sliding gallery of images and text, providing detail on different business offerings.

Full Height Hero Images

Home page hero images designed to adapt to the size of the screen the user is viewing the website on.

Reynold's Law Firm Desktop Website Design Home Page with navigation and business intro text

Responsive Website Design

Analysing Reynolds Law Firm’s previous web data showed that the majority of users engaged with their website on a mobile device. The website design experience was redesigned with mobile users at the forefront.

Reynolds Law Mobile Website Brisbane with sticky header and feature image of people in building

Clean, legible and easy to navigate

Designing websites for mobile does not mean compromising on quality or impact. Large feature images and dynamic text created an exciting and engaging layout that was still legible and accessible for a variety of various mobile users.

The end product was tested on a variety of devices to ensure optimal website speeds and efficient scaling between both Android and iPhone devices.