Il Movimento branding and web design

Website design


The Il Movimento brand is bright, full of energy, and has colours which emphasise sunlight and Tuscan summers. This application of bold colours with refined typography was applied across a range of applications from print to web design.

Responsive landing page

The food at Il Movimento is simple but premium and the website was designed to reflect this elegant simplicity. With a focus on beautiful images of the restaurant venue and decor, this landing page website was designed with adaptive full page website designs.

Integrated restaurant booking system

Designed on wordpress and integrated with an online booking system – this design feature saved the restaurant precious time in accepting bookings over the phone.

This website design feature also included reminder text messages to customers the day of their booking in order for people to retain their booking times and minimise wait times at the restaurant

Clear and concise copy

A new offering at Il Movimento restaurant was the service of breakfast. To highlight this new addition and other meal offerings, sections were designed for the landing page to emphasise, breakfast availability, lunch availability and dinner availability.

This design feature emphasises to the customer when they are booking a table to select a specific time for their booking. This design feature allowed the restaurant to accept more bookings with better awareness of space and availability.