Aura House Gin

logo design and branding

With a brand vision of creating a Gin that tasted like sunshine in a glass, the AURA HOUSE logo was inspired by sun rays, the intricate patterns on crystal gin glasses and the light refraction through the crystal glass on a hot summer day. Together these elements form the AURA HOUSE logo, an angular yet refined crystalised sun icon emerging from a horizon line.

Logo inspired by the sun

A logo created to symbolise the sun, but created with sharp angles to mimic the patterns on a crystal glass and the light refraction that is emitted from crystal.

Aura House Logo and Branding in Orange Design

Flexible Logo Identity

A logo designed to be used across a variety of print and digital design.

The flexibility in the logo design was required in order to create versatility in the future gin range which will have multiple products.

Gin Packaging Design

The first product of the AURA HOUSE gin range emphasised botanical ingredients for a premium flavour. This was reflected in the packaging and label design through brand patterns and floral illustrations.

Gold Foil Label Design

The label design for the first gin product for AURA HOUSE utilised the sun brand patterns and other secondary branding elements. Executed with a refined typographic label and balanced with illustrative elements of the botanical ingredients.

Gin Bottle Packaging Design and Label Design with label reading 'Botanical Gin'