Because who has time for boring

At The Jeanie Design Studio, we create norm-defying brands and bold visuals that tell a story and help you stand out in a crowded market.

Building unforgettable brands

from the ground up.

Creating a brand that people fall in love with can be a hard nut to crack, but we never shy away from a challenge. In fact, we thrive on it.

Our aim is to craft a brand that deeply reflects your truth and makes people feel something powerful and awe-inspiring so they never forget you. Offering a complete package of design solutions from logo concepts to website builds and social media, we specialise in building editorial-style brands from the ground up for small to medium-sized businesses across Australia.

With every detail comprehensively researched and meticulously chosen, The Jeanie Design Studio is not for the faint-hearted. We are for the rule breakers and opinion makers who are unafraid to take a risk and claim their rightful place in this crazy world.

Who we are

/ Unafraid + unapologetic
willing to stand up for what we believe in
/ Honest + upfront
we respect your time and won’t waste a minute of it
/ Crusading + passionate
trusting in the power of forward momentum

Who we aren't

/ Cookie cutter + boring
we create bespoke brands that reflect your truth
/ Risk-averse + timid
prepared to take risks to get you the best results
/ Just another agency
a tried and tested approach to creating unique brands

Creating unforgettable brands that stand the test of time.

Meet our Founder, Stephanie

Stephanie Dutta (she/her) is an experienced Branding and Web Designer with a penchant for creating fierce and fiery brands. After 10 years working for household names such as Michael Hill, Inner Health Plus and design studio Duosista, as well as the Queensland Government and Property Council of Australia, Stephanie decided to forge her own path and create The Jeanie Design Studio in 2021.

Specialising in social media design and animation, email marketing campaigns and website launches, Stephanie has a knack of creating brands that stop people in their tracks. With a passion for creating user-friendly and eye-catching designs, she works with clients from all over Australia and leaves no stone unturned (or idea uncovered) to deliver the best for her clients.

/Adobe InDesign + Illustrator
/ Photoshop + XD
/ Lightroom + After Effects
/ MailChimp + Klaviyo
/ Google Analytics
/ UX + UI Design
A woman with red hair stands with a hand on her hip, in a white top and white pants and neon green jacket.
“There are few things more rewarding, or challenging, than starting your own business. But I am relishing the opportunity to create brands that reflect a Founder’s vision, values and vigour from the ground up, and connecting with ambitious and like-minded people along the way.”
Our promise to you
You bring the ambition, we’ll bring the flair — and together we can create a truly unforgettable brand that reflects who you are and what you’re here to achieve.