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Life is too short to blend in. With The Jeanie Design Studio, get ready to break all the rules with bespoke branding and web design that sets you apart

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The world needs what you’re selling. How do we know? Because you found your way here. And that tells us that a) you’re prepared to challenge the status quo and stand up for what you believe in, and b) that you’re looking for an agency who does the same.

We are an Australian-based bespoke web and design agency for the ambitious and unapologetic, creating truly unforgettable brands through bold visuals and irresistable social media marketing.

So, you think you’re a Jeanius? That do impress us much

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A brand is like a great novel — done right, it leaves people wanting more. With attention to every detail, every icon, and every aspect of your brand, we intertwine meaning and story at every turn to help you create a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd.

/ Logos + Icons
/ Colour palettes
/ Templates
/ Label Design
/ Style Guides

Website Design

Your website is the ultimate wing woman — engaging, alluring, supportive, and the best sales person you’re ever gonna have. We create beautiful and bespoke websites fitted-out with everything you need so you maintain and update it yourself when the time comes.

/ WordPress + Squarespace + Wix
/ Shopify + eCommerce
/ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
/ Google Search Console
/ Mobile-friendly websites

Social Media

Somewhere along the line, social media became pretty, well, unsocial. We keep it ‘reel’ with done-for-you templates and content that stop the scroll and help you put the social back into social media to generate a steady stream of interest in your business.

/ Instagram Templates
/ Grid Curation
/ Stories + Reels
/ Content Planning
/ Community management


For when mediocrity is not enough, work with the best

Unforgettable brands we’ve worked with

From fashion to food, and travel companies to tech startups, we create bespoke and defiant brands that you can spot from a mile away.

Gin Bottle Packaging Design and Label Design with label reading 'Botanical Gin'


Aura Gin Distillery

Branding, logo design, social media design and packaging design. With a brand vision of creating Gin that tasted like sunshine in a glass, the AURA HOUSE logo was inspired by sun rays, the intricate patterns on crystal gin glasses and the light refraction through the crystal glass on a hot summer day.


Il Movimento

The Il Movimento brand is bright, full of energy, and has colours which emphasise sunlight and Tuscan summers. This application of bold colours with refined typography was applied across a range of applications from print to web design.


Wil Valor Bespoke Suiting

Social Media Management
Video editing
Art direction
Community management

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